Monday Miscellany: Stick a fork in me, I’m done

Happy Monday!People I’m done with winter. I seem to always hit this spot after Christmas, the days ARE slowly getting lighter but, and this is the kicker, it’s actually darker in the morning for a bit and while I don’t like the darker days in general, I really hate dark mornings. It generally manifests as a complete inability to get the hell up in the morning which I know right now is not helped by PMT. Several times this week, I have had to remind myself and have my mother remind me that I do actually love my job. It was that kind of week.In other news, we went to see 1917, which was good, beautifully filmed. Some of it didn’t quite work but overall it was difficult to watch and sad but worth the time.

Ma and I finally got to have the much delayed Christmas dinner we had planned to have in December, which was fun and I have not lost my touch in Yorkshire pudding making!Plans for this week are all about work and sleep and being much less grumpy! I’m out to dinner next Friday but other than that it’s all much as usual for January!

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