Allotment Adventures: Halfway there

I think we surprised ourselves this weekend.

We have both the larger squash beds built and got the paths in. I dug the area over, Ma did so much weeding and then because there was wood chip (ex Christmas trees) we sorted out the paths. We did consider making a bigger bed but then decided that the big wider path would work for potato buckets.

We have a ton of stuff still to do but we now have half of the new half more or less sorted with a structure in place.

The only other thing we did was buy new bird feeders for the new half.

The things in bold are what we need to work on next week, there will be some actual gardening happening.

  • Dig over and weed the area the second squash bed is going.
  • Build the second squash bed
  • Cut the blue pipe to the right size
  • Sow some more broad beans and cover the bed with netting
  • Pull up the chard and cover that bed
  • Use the various collected bricks around the plot to mark out the space where my bulbs are next to the herb bed.
  • Move the boysenberry
  • Split the autumn raspberry bed into two.
  • Sow sweet peas
  • Learn about transplanting roses
  • Order and install the first three long beds next to the fruit beds
  • Paint the shed

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