Friday Links: The World is Still on Fire

Happy Friday! It’s 202o and the world is on fire, quite literally in Australia and the Amazon.

Meghan and Harry’s story is quite the drama, but it’s no abdication crisis. Marina Hyde on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I’ve been saying for ages that it’s him not his wife. Harry has always had an unrealistic view of his mother and the misfortune to have a selfish, emotionally distant father. He seems to me to be emotionally frozen as a 12 year old and his family life and boarding school won’t have helped any. Typical for his class, he’s not used to being questioned or criticised and has no understanding of how to handle it. Overall, it seems to me that marriage and a baby and the press treatment of his family, has triggered a mental health crisis which coupled a wife who doesn’t understand the Royal Family very well either as ‘the Firm’ or as an actual family who are emotionally repressed and fucked up (and no blame there, it’s hard). So the best thing to do would be to withdraw but I read that statement as a way to try and keep the family bit of the family while not being in the business and as for independent income, he has a 7 million quid trust fund, he’s not going to starve.

What is private equity, and why is it killing everything you love?. Rampant capitalism is not a force for good. Ever

The Tories now face a dilemma: change, or lose your new voters

In 2020, Skip Your Resolutions—Embrace a Vice.

Brace yourself: the next phase of Brexit is going to get messy. Going to get messy. Yes, everyone who voted against it, knows it will. I hope I’m wrong but I think I’m right and this is going to be a complete disaster…

Germany’s abortion law: made by the Nazis, upheld by today’s right. It really feels like the whole world is going backwards

‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession. I’m interested. I’m trying really hard to garden with more care, but it’s really hard to work out what to do for the best. My allotment neighbour is getting bees, which is good news for me!

The case against otters: necrophiliac, serial-killing fur monsters of the sea. Add this to the list of the many things I didn’t know about wildlife

Don’t glaze over. This statistic holds the key to UK prosperity. 10 years ago I was earning what I earn now. Over the decade I’ve had 3 jobs and some temp work. Please don’t misunderstand me, I know how fortunate I’ve been but that’s my point. I’ve worked hard to get jobs, I’ve worked hard at them but in terms of money, I have less than I did 10 years ago. The money I’ve earned hasn’t changed, but my rent has increased, my utility bills are bigger, my travel costs larger. So why should I feel pro-active or be productive at work. Most people like me are struggling and as I’ve said, I’m lucky and I happen to really enjoy my job but make no mistake people work to live not the other way around, and their productivity has gone down because they don’t get rewarded for good, productive work, they get more of the same.  We need a massive re-think in this country and we’re not going to get one and working people, the ones without family money behind them are going to get comprehensively shafted and for the most part, they chose to…

A tale of two cities: London’s rich and poor in Tower Hamlets. We should be ashamed…

“We are living in a touristic prison”: Palestinians on life in the holy city of Bethlehem. It’s a ghetto and I don’t understand how you could, as a Christian, go on a pilgrimage to somewhere and not do anything about the oppression the people that live there, live under.

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