Monday Miscellany: Back to Work

Hello and Happy Monday!

I didn’t really mean to take a break but I just didn’t have anything to post about. It was December, I was busy and I didn’t have any head space for here. Work is busy, which is great but I have a limited capacity for words during winter anyway and I found that I had used them all up by the time I got home. I stopped work on Christmas Eve and didn’t go back until the 3rd and even that was working from home. So I had an actual rest, which has been lovely, today is a shock to the system but I find I don’t mind the idea of the office right now, although I’m still not happy about the dark mornings. However, let’s see how I feel at the end of today!

So let’s catch up.

  • Just before Christmas, my great uncle John died. Ma and I did go to the funeral just before Christmas and it’s strange to see so many of my Mum’s family in one place.
  • Christmas was lovely but everyone was sick. I had re-occurence of fever and a vomiting on Christmas Eve, that was horrible but over by Christmas Day. It’s so weird, I wake up shivering and feverish and sometimes throw up, it feels like flu but then I’m fine and I was ok but my brother said he knew I wasn’t well because I had half a glass of wine and told him to drink the rest! Ma was also in pain, this time tooth infection related and Laura had a cold and J had a viral infection. So I was not at all out of place sitting on the sofa in my ‘jamas!
  • Despite this, the tree went up and we still managed to have a lovely time.
  • We also went to see my Aunt Jude over the break and got updated on all the family gossip.
  • I had an eye check and have been informed that the age of varifocals is upon me. Well for glasses anyway, apparently varifocal contacts (which do exist) don’t correct astigmatism. To add to that delightful news (which I knew it was coming but I’m still not thrilled about) since my last check up, the sight in my right eye has got quite a bit worse (from -4.5 to -5.25). So that was a good start to the New Year!
  • We did some good work on the plot and the new half is beginning to take shape
  • I saw Christelle and Mike and left broken by too much good red wine

Plans for this week are to finish putting the flat back together post Christmas, adjust back to office hours so lots of early nights, get some exercise, eat well and book a smear test!

As usual, it’s all go around here!

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