Friday Links: The people have spoken….the bastards

Well here we are. It’s not a happy Friday.

I haven’t felt this awful about an election since 1992. 45-ish% of the country think that an adulterous liar and his 59 page manifesto is fit to lead the country and the other 45-ish % couldn’t get their shit together to oppose it.

Neil Kinnock gave a speech in 1985 and it holds up pretty well for today I think…

But I would also add my favourite Clem Attlee quote. I feel like we lost the fight today…

Here are some other links:

The silent “sixth” sense

Why do I have to break an embargo in order to expose press lies about Labour?

This election has missed the chance to try to solve Britain’s broken housing system

Homelessness is a national disgrace. Let’s make Britain humane again


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