Allotment Adventures: The Work Area

The work at the back of the plot continues. We sorted the wood we wanted to keep from the wood to be bonfire which is currently piled up in the middle of the new half, a lot of the shed will go the same way and then the hedgerow may need to be replanted (I’ve asked for blackthorn and if they wanted to do that I’d be happy to pay for them, then I can add sloe gin to my allotment gin collection.Last week we sorted out a composting area, but that only covered about a third of the width of the plot. So we wanted to sort out the rest of that back section. As our committee chair says, a full plot does give you some elbow room and most of this section is going to be for work. The centre third will be where I put my wilko greenhouse next spring, but right at the edge of the plot in amongst the rocket that was running amok, there are roses planted, I wanted to give them some space and protection over the winter, so we weeded that area and then covered it with woodchip, to help prevent it getting too boggy, that will also give us the chance to spot and pull the weeds as they come up.Right next to that is a small apple tree which was surrounded by strawberry plants and lots of weeds, Joe had tried to enclose that area but we used some of those boards to demarcate the compost area. I’m not convinced that strawberries are worth growing in the ground as the slugs seem to get them before we do. So I committed allotment heresy and pulled them up and yes you’ve probably guessed it, put down woodchip, my plan is to plan bluebell and snowdrops at the edge of this bit of ground. We used the other two boards to mark the tree/bluebell area off from what is effectively our first path on the new half.So we have a quarter of the new half under control. We will eventually sort out the section of space from the new woodchipped path up to the loganberries but this is going to by my squash area so work on that can wait until after Christmas, once we’ve had a bonfire, we’ll cover and then probably sort out the size of beds (I’m thinking two large beds with a path down the middle and we’ll grow squash and sweetcorn and beans there….

Next week, we’re going to move the dalek compost bin and its contents and sort out the space where the two compost bins were. This will involve moving some beds. The bed that was next to the wooden compost bin is going but we are going to extend the bed on the other side of it. The new plot has two gooseberry bushes in it and I’m going to move them into one large bed. I may get around to moving the other two but that might be something I do next winter!

Once we’ve sorted that, I’m going to plant some daffodils and tulips were along the edge of the plot down there.

Then it’s time to sort out the area between the old plot going up towards the loganberries. I have a sort of plan here. I’m going to add three more long beds to mirror the fruit beds we have.  I’ve planted some flower bulbs that my friend at work gave me. (leucojum or summer snowflakes, some irises and two other things that I’ve planted but I can’t remember what they’re called! I planted too many autumn raspberry canes into one bed last year so I’ll take some out to put into a new bed and I quite like the idea of some yellow ones too. We will move the boysenberry and the loganberries too and then up to where the loganberries are now there should be room for five square metre raised beds.

Having that set up would mean that we had three quarters of the plot sorted. Then we need to take the frame down because I am not keen on dangerous, wonky pipe frames and sort the last quarter out that is currently full of weeds. And I would really like an asparagus bed too!

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