Monday Miscellany: Busy

Happy Monday!

So it’s been quite a couple of weeks. We had the Pumpkin Trail and the weather was terrible but 2000 people decided to visit anyway!

Work is challenging which is good, I was in need of more to do at work and the team is lovely!

There are lots of other things that are occupying my brain right now. Winter darkness means my brain is having a prolonged sulk.

I can deal with that, but the other thing that isn’t really my issue but is having an interesting effect. And while I’m going to be circumspect about the actual thing, suffice to say that some close friends are dealing with a child and a leukaemia diagnosis. It’s not at all about me at all I know this, but apparently, my brain is dredging up trauma because I’m watching my friends go through something similar to Stef dying (I’m in no way equating a seriously ill child with a dying fiancé before anyone jumps on me, just pointing out that my brain doesn’t distinguish). I’m dreaming about Stef, which hasn’t happened for a while and yesterday while having a perfectly normal conversation started crying. I don’t have PMT, so here we are. I’m having a reaction and this folks, is why I’m so keen on therapy, yep I’m having more because I need not to emote all over my friends right now but I need to sort my brain out!

This week plans are work, cleaning (my house and others!), sleep and the joys of lighter mornings for a bit (clocks went back this weekend), and babysitting my delightful nephews at the weekend.

Right deep breath and the week begins…

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