Monday Miscellany: This week I are be mostly having a cold

Happy Monday!

So over the weekend, I developed a cold, it’s a mild cold, it won’t kill me, I would like to have a week in bed but I’m just over a stomach bug and a week into a new role, so that’s not going to happen! But I was well enough to go to the allotment and collect all the squash so I’m not dying.I’ve set the house up, so that all I need to do, is go to work, come home, have a bath and go to bed! That’s going to be the plan for the week because, I need to be cold free by the weekend because we’re babysitting the nephews on Saturday and having family lunch for Ben’s birthday on Sunday!

So that’s the plan for the week, it’s not rock and roll but I’m 46, and I’m not Kate Moss, it was never going to be rock and roll!

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1 Response to Monday Miscellany: This week I are be mostly having a cold

  1. Sharon says:

    Bet Kate Moss wishes she could grow squash like that!

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