Friday Links: Warmer weather, Boris Johnson and the 4th of July

Happy Friday! So it’s been a week. I’m working at home this morning and the afternoon off to sort my life out before the weekend hits and is full of allotment open day fun

So this what the flat looked like yesterday!

Here are this week’s links….

What Trump Did in Osaka Was Worse Than Lying. This sums up Boris Johnson pretty well too…

3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake. I’m still not pro monarchy but yes, it was.

I’m a civil servant – and we can’t make Boris Johnson’s no-deal fantasy into reality

Does Boris Johnson believe he can hoodwink the nation on Brexit? Yes, yes he does. This is the consequence of never, never having to face in any real way the damage that your behaviour causes. Waterloo may have been won on the playing fields of Eton and Harrow but public school boys nowadays have all the confidence that they were born to run the country and no sense of responsibility or shame. Look at them. Cameron, Osbourne, Johnson, Rees-Mogg failing and just carrying on as if they didn’t no shame in any of them. Modern day Flashman’s the lot of them.

In praise of shame: how Trump and Johnson show we need it more than ever

Of all the hills to die on, why on earth has Labour chosen Chris Williamson?

Trump’s Dictator Envy Isn’t Funny Anymore

We laugh at Ivanka Trump – because to take her seriously is frightening

After urging land reform I now know the brute power of our billionaire press. I’ve seen the Telegraph’s coverage of the report promoted on Twitter and it is ridiculous.

Romance Novelists Write About Sex and Pleasure. On the Internet That Makes Them Targets for Abuse

What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse. As I get older, this increasingly feels true….

The Power of One Push-Up. I think that this month, I might start a push up challenge!

Just being Frank is a feelgood hit but will it win trophies for Chelsea?

For Smart Animals, Octopuses Are Very Weird


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