Monday Miscellany: A Whole New Month

Happy Monday! I’m starting the week a feeling a lot better than I did last week but I’m still croaky and coldy. This is asthma life. Oh the coughing….I was in the office three days last week and I know that I really got on everyone’s nerves with my constant coughing.

To add to the joy, I woke up on Saturday morning (5am) with a migraine, I obviously hadn’t digested any food overnight and a cough turned to throwing up. I am pretty happy living alone but when you have been sick in the bath and have a migraine, you could really do with someone else in the house….

So Saturday was grim and really, really hot but Sunday was much better, there was an allotment trip and it’s the first time I’d been there in about two weeks and it did not suck as much as I thought it would.

We did some food shopping and I got food prep done, in addition to ironing and laundry. So I’m feeling that I’m well set up for the week.

That is the extent of my plans, I will probably be prepping allotment stuff and baking for the Open Day on Sunday. If you’re London based, please think about coming along and seeing the plots..

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