Friday Links: Leadership

Happy Friday! I’m still full of cold, I’m getting better but it’s a slow process and the England women through to the World Cup semis aside, the news is pretty awful!Here are this week’s links

I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister

Boris Johnson is clearly hiding from scrutiny – even diehard fans may start to have doubts

Britain is still ruled by a privately educated elite. Let’s end this culture of deference.

Pregnant Woman Who Miscarried After Being Shot in the Stomach Is Being Charged With Manslaughter in Alabama. This is completely mad…

Jared Kushner is trying to sell his Middle East plan at a conference in Bahrain

Bolton Keeps Trying to Goad Iran Into

The shameful truth about Britain’s response to Grenfell

Monarch Butterflies Reared in Captivity Lack a Crucial Ability

No Scorpios, no meat-eaters: the rise of extreme flatshare ads

How to handle the impossible stress of cooking for other people (wine helps)

Kiri Te Kanawa wore a £20 Zara bedsheet as a skirt – so should we all try duvet dressing? I wish I could sew!

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