Monday Miscellany: A mini holiday and an stinking cold

Happy Monday!

I’m back to work today after a short trip to York and am almost over (I hope) this cold, I discovered that I had asthma after a run of terrible colds that turned into three month coughs and/or bronchitis. I suspected it was asthmatic and had to fight my doctor for an asthma clinic appointment, all three of the surgery’s doctor’s had told me that the cough was GERD, which I knew it wasn’t as I didn’t cough, unless I had a cold first! Anyway, since that time, I’ve noticed that colds I do get are just worse than they have any right to be, I just feel pole axed.

So it’s sod’s law that the minute I have time off planned for something I really want to do, I catch a cold. I was pretty miserable, even my Mum was sympathetic (which freaks me out a bit!).York was lovely, even though I was in bed at 9pm every night and didn’t really want to drink, eat or read! We’ll maybe try again another time, I’m going up to Newcastle in August and I really want to be well for that!

We saw this on the way up which I was delighted with…

I caught the train home on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend working on feeling better and trying not to cough! Sick or not, I’m still me so I did buy some gin when I was in York but I haven’t had any yet. On Friday night I managed  one premixed gin and tonic and then retired defeated, I don’t know who I am anymore!This week Ma is in Scotland so I’m on a work, eat, water the plot, sleep routine and frankly I suspect that’s all I’m going to be good for….


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