What I’ve Read – May 2019

I had a really bad month, I started well but then got completely side tracked by needing stuff my tired brain could cope with. Which meant that I bought and romped through all the Chronicles of St Mary’s short stories and then I read Grey Sister which got it off the TBR list but then I bought the last book in the trilogy and romped through that.

I’ve also been on another Kindle TBR purge, if I wasn’t interested in after I’d read 10% of it, off it went. The TBR is now at Kindle 46, books 29 for a total of 75. Which feels more realistic…

So the St Mary’s books. They are lovely and easy without making me feel stupid and they make me laugh out loud..

A Perfect Storm – Jodi Taylor

The Steam Pump Jump – Jodi Taylor

My Name is Markam – Jodi Taylor

And Now For Something Completely Different – Jodi Taylor

Roman Holiday – Jodi Taylor

Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings – Jodi Taylor

Christmas Present – Jodi Taylor

Little Donkey – Jodi Taylor

Grey Sister – Mark Lawrence

Holy Sister – Mark Lawrence

I really enjoyed both of them. I like the way she comes to terms with who, what and how she is. I also like that it solves the big issue but doesn’t save the world, the things that are wrong with the world are still wrong. But Nona is a changed person and she stopped a war.

Rebel Hard – Nalini Singh

Ok this has most of the things that I don’t like about Singh, but also all of the things I do like about her particular version of book crack. It also has adoption, diversity and is really sweet.

Teach Me – Oliva Dade

Yay for 40 something heroines. She’s also plus size but that matters less to me than her age. I really enjoyed this.

The Austen Playbook – Lucy Parker

This felt more British than the last two did which made me happy, it was fun, I like everyone in this world…

The Nonsuch – Georgette Heyer

Black Sheep – Georgette Heyer

Both re-reads, both as fun as ever..

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