Monday Miscellany: A Staycation

Happy Monday!

It’s my first day back at work since before Easter, I’m feeling a bit more rested but already thinking about my next holiday in June (when I’m spending a couple of days in York).

I feel like I did loads but also not everything. We went to Ham House, I finally got my tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, basil and winter squash sown, we bought compost for the allotment and saw Avengers Endgame (so good!), I also met friends for drinks and coffee, went to see Sarah and Justin’s new house in the country and got my haircut!This week is all about work, I need to focus, catch up and be ready for the weekend, which is another bank holiday and all about the allotment! I also want to make bread pudding, catch up on the ironing and have a no sweets/chocolate week, because it worked for Lent and after a week of indulgence, I’m ready not to eat them again!

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