Monday Miscellany:

Happy Monday!

Last week felt much longer than it actually was, this is because I had a cold. I really hate having colds. I still have a sore throat but am mostly much better, six years ago, I caught a cold that wouldn’t die and it turned out it was bronchitis. That started a run of colds that turned into something else usually featuring a hacking cough and ultimately lead to an adult asthma diagnosis. Things have been much better but when I catch a cold, I always worry that it’s going to linger and not just be a cold!

Although cold filled, the rest of the week was pretty good. I worked from home so the plumber could change the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom, my poor landlord is coming to terms with the fact that the kitchen is in dire need of replacement. It wasn’t looking great when I moved in and it’s been 10 years, I’m worried that my rent is increasing this year (along with my energy bills, my council tax, my water bill, my broadband and my mobile phone bills).

So the good news is that I got a bonus and a small pay rise. I wasn’t expecting either so I’m made up.

I’m coping well with my Lent resolutions, I’ve not eaten crisps, sweets or chocolate although I did make a small exception this week for cough sweets to prevent coughing on the tube and in the office. This week the food bank donations were tinned veg and Smash. I always buy things on the list, having sorted out approximately 4,000 packets of pasta, I buy what they are asking for, no food bank is ever short of baked beans!

This week is work, I’m learning something new, which is both daunting and fun for my brain and we have an all department function on Thursday afternoon. Outside of work cinema on Wednesday night (Captain Marvel) and Sarah is staying on Thursday night!

I’m determined it will be a good week, let’s see if I manage it!!

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