Food Lately: January and February 2019

I found cooking in January difficult. I had a really good first week but generally if I don’t spend a chunk of the weekend making sure that the food for the week is good to go then it all tends to go a bit wrong! January has seen a lot of ‘I feel to tired and/or sick to cook, so things on toast or a ham and coleslaw sandwich, there was a meal that consisted of mashed potatoes and raw carrots, which is the definition of can’t be arsed dinners.I did cook a great meal of meatballs and pasta with pesto bread for Ma and me and I had a great work lunch for the PA’s but when I have cooked it’s been basic and frankly half arsed.This weekend, I pulled myself together and did some proper meal prep. Breakfasts this week are yoghurt and compote, lunches are salads (grated red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, peppers and mushrooms with sausage egg cups. Snacks are orange jelly, a small square of brownie (this one), and an apple, a pear and some mango. Dinners will be some veggie crispbakes (I needed to use up some mash and some veg) with more vegetables, a sausage and chickpea stew with rice and more vegetables, stir fry and pizza (I’m out on Wed night). I’ve prepped the veg (chard, kale, leeks) and made a massive ready to roast bag of winter veg (squash, swede, onions and carrots). It’s been nice to have veg from the plot and I’m planning on growing more winter veg this year because it’s been a good reason to go to the plot and it’s lovely to eat what you grow.

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