Monday Miscellany: Pumpkins and minor disasters

Happy Monday!

So last week was weird. I felt sniffly and like I was coming down with cold but I didn’t and on Thursday had a coffee and wardrobe disaster. My skirt split all the way up the back AND I got coffee spilled on me by a tripping commuter, she was mortified, I worked from home that day. On Friday, I went to see my friend Jane, who is also my hairdresser. As my hair was washed ready for cutting and the power went out all over the neighbourhood. Jane trimmed my fringe, by torch light because her firefighter husband won’t have candles in the house. We drank prosecco instead and went home.On Saturday, it was the pumpkin walk and I spent what felt like hours, pouring mulled wine. The people of Ealing are thirsty!On Sunday, I had a quiet day at home, doing the usual, some housework, some food prep and lots of lounging around with a book…

This week, the mornings will be easier, I won’t be leaving the house at ‘nighttime’ for a bit, but the evenings will be harder. It’s a pretty low key week and at the weekend, I’ll be at my brother’s looking after the nephews while Ben and Lu get some much deserved adult time. I’m really not sure that J is going to forgive us!

What are your plans for the week?

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