Monday Miscellany: Teambuilding, Cocktails and Aunty Duty

Happy Monday!

After last week, which involved a very early morning for a trip to Southampton, a cocktail making class and having the nephews on Saturday night. Which was much easier than you’d imagine but involved more cooking than I thought it would, I’m ready for a peaceful week!

I seem to have caught the office cold but so far it’s really not that bad, I’m just quite tired, last night’s bedtime was 8:30pm, I’m pretty sure the eldest nephew can be up longer than that!

It is half term this week so trains are quieter which is nice, when you are feeling sub par not being able to sit down is a special kind of hell!

Plans for this week are work and rest for today through Thursday. Friday night is haircut which, as I missed the last one, my hair really needs!

At the weekend, we are going to be on the allotment site, After a spot of Halloween decorating, for the pumpkin walk, I’ll be slinging mulled wine and Ma will be manning the cake stall all afternoon!

I’m hoping I’ll have vanquished this sniffle and be fighting for for it!

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