Monday Miscellany: Four Working Days

Happy Monday!

I’m on a holiday countdown, four more days at work, one to faff about, pack and tend the allotment and then Northumberland!

I’ve had a very busy weekend but I didn’t have a haircut, stupid migraine (again!). On Saturday, we went to celebrate the nephew’s third birthday. How is he three already?

He was as usual, a complete whirlwind but he did work out lots of uses for his no 3 balloon. Another favourite game was standing in front of me (I was sitting on the floor), asking ‘Aunty Nic’ to be wrap him in the blanket and then asking me to lift him up to the sofa. We did that a lot!

Oli was also a delight but spent most of the day playing with the next door neighbour. Sunday dawned and my regular Sunday morning walk with Sarah and Fred resumed for this week. Six miles later, I did the shopping, unpacked it and Ma and I went to the allotment. Then I processed the vegetables, then I sorted out my life for the next week – laundry, hoovering, food prep, this post. I’m going to work for a rest!

My aim for this week is just to keep going….

Have a good week people!

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