New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not doing anything. I’ve seen to the godchildren who are 17 today (the passage of time is pretty damn scary!) and we didn’t talk about their father but he was on my mind. And I’ve done what for the last 10 years or so as been my habit. I stay in, I change the sheets on the bed and I eat steak and salad and drink champagne. When I lived with my uncle, we did it together because we understood the peace of staying in when the person you really want is gone. For Ian that was Pat, for me that was Stef.

I’m not against being out of NYE but I’m happy with the ritual I have, I love that Ma does the same thing and that Ben, Lu and Oli are having a party of three.

We are introverts…I am blessed to have made it through 2017 and to be able to drink champagne and admire my tree.

So I hope that in 2017 you did something or learned something or just that there is one good memory from the year. I wish you the same for 2018.

Sometimes we have good years, sometimes we don’t, but with any luck we learn something, we have people who love us and we know how lucky we are to be alive right now. (points if you knew that was a Hamilton reference!)

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2 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy New Year to you

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