Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week I have survived Christmas, a trip to the dump, and IKEA and these two nutcases!! (I kid, they were lovely and we had a lovely family Christmas with no rows!)

I’m currently waiting for my new bed to be delivered which I am very excited about and I hope you had a restful week if you needed it or a busy social one if that’s what you wanted!

Here are some links…

Being organised is the gift I give myself and other people. This is me nowadays, becoming my mother and being quite happy about it!

Ex footballer George Weah to become President of Liberia. He’s also an ex Chelsea player. I just hope that he’s up to the job.

Peter Capaldi is a marvellous human being and his advice is good for things other than the regeneration of Dr Who!

Recipes for the New Year. They look good, although my New Year’s dinner will, as always be steak! I’m a creature of habit and I don’t care…

I’m resisting the urge to start sowing seeds until at least February but I can start thinking about how to label my plants!

Every Christmas Eve, I watch the photos come in, I slept in my own bed on Christmas Eve but Christmas night saw me on the sofa at my brothers house! #duvetknowitschristmas

Tomasz Schafernaker: the forecast is good. This is one of those things that only make sense if you know who Tomasz Schafernaker is, I do, because Radio 4 and I like the sound of his name, Schafernaker….

Milliennial Catholics and the wearing of veils in church. I am completely weirded out by this, the only time I’ve worn a veil in church was for my first communion and I’m bemused by the return of this it feels to me like form over faith…

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