Friday Links

Happy Friday!

I’m a relationship virgin. I’ve been in relationships but not for about 10 years, so although this doesn’t mirror my experience, I really understand it. Also the TED talk by Bella DePaulo is fab.

Fifty years on, the Abortion Act should be celebrated – and updated. I’m pretty clear that this was a good thing. Abortion is going to happen regardless of it’s legality and yes, I do know people who had backstreet abortions before 1967, and it was horrendous. That women don’t have to do that anymore is a very good thing but the law does need to be updated. If you are anti abortion, here is my response, first – don’t have one, second – when when all the children that are born are adequately cared for, when there aren’t children in care and on the adoption list, when there is no child poverty, when no parent of a disabled child is left struggling and unsupported by society and no children are caring for disabled parents, when children at risk of abuse aren’t. In fact when all children currently born are properly cared for and valued, then lets have a discussion about whether abortion can be banned.

While I’m at it, this about the man who shot David Gunn (an abortion provider) is scary.

The war against Pope Francis. I’ve given Francis a rough time, I’m still not convinced that he’s all that but having read this, he’s gone up in my estimation.

A story about book piracy

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