Allotment Adventures: Shutting up shop, harvesting and helping others

We missed a week on allotment last week, I was busy over the weekend and the plot had to fend for itself. However, in the week I popped down to get some chard and picked the last crookneck squashes as the plant had decided to shed all it’s leaves and shut up shop.
So this week, Ma and I wanted to do some weeding, shut up some beds, harvest some produce and spend an hour on Dionne’s plot. Ma started in on the weeding and I got to clearing the greenhouse of the last of the tomato plants. As we’d did with the other buckets, the used compost was added to the beds and the beds covered. I removed the cardboard that the fox had destroyed and replaced with a cover that was pinned down and we’ll see if that works!
I did the same to the two boxes next to the herb patch and the square bed that had the crookneck. Ma and I also had a discussion about enclosing that bed and at least the courgette bed before Christmas as those beds are hard to weed and not to tread on, the raised beds are much easier to deal with and to keep the soil in good heath.
That done, Ma and I had a cup of coffee and a banana and took a walk down to Dionne’s plot and got to work. I don’t have before photos but we did good work and harvested her amazing butternut squash.
That done, we went back to the plot, picked flowers, kale, chard, pak choi, salad leaves and leeks to take home with the potatoes and beetroot from my plot neighbour, Joe. We also tidied up a bit and I slug baited the greenhouse.

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