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Happy Friday!

Trust me on antibiotics.  It’s one paper. More generally, we should be trying to take less antibiotics and then finishing the course we are given. The problem is that GP’s are prescribing for people who want antibiotics for every sniffle they get. I last had antibiotics in 2015, for a chest infection in February, that had me in bed for a full week and ill for about three weeks before that and again in the October after my foot surgery. Generally, I end up taking them every 5 years or so when I have a illness that that they will cure. When my GP says they won’t help, I take the advice but when I do take them, I finish the course. If everyone was more responsible about them, it would be better all round.

Over the last week or two, I’ve been having all sorts of conversations about depression, growing up and where sickness and personal responsibility meet. It’s been a laugh a minute around here. The weird thing is that it hasn’t been my stuff, I’m good, other people are not so great. Anyway, I find that when you are in a particular frame of mind sometimes, just sometimes the universe will find a way of expressing what you’re thinking or what you need. This really did. I can’t imagine what 2 years of living with a very sick partner would be like, Stef wasn’t ill very long and we weren’t living together but what she’s trying to learn and applying to her life is important even if you aren’t going through such tough times and this week is what I wanted to say to someone else…

I didn’t realise before the way that depression and dirt feed into each other, and in cleaning my house I have, in a small but real way, lifted my own sadness a little too.

I’m trying to see my friends; to listen to them; to accept their offers of dinner and not ignore their messages in favour of crying under a blanket. One thing I have learned, over two years: we have the most extraordinary friends. We have the kind of friends who do not give up. We have the kind of friends who deserve to be listened to; who do not deserve my prickly, hermittish I-can-do-anything-that’s-everything-all-on-my-own wall. I am trying to bring down that wall, and although I’m not there yet, I hope to keep trying.

How much equality is Britain willing to accept? Answer, not a lot

Green Space v. social housing. This is about my allotment site.

Is Aldi gin the best gin in the world? The ever excellent Gin Monkey on the Aldi gin and the IWSC.

We wrote about women’s health not being taken seriously, and your stories came flooding in. It took me over a year to get an appointment at the asthma clinic, I bloody told them that the coughing was not reflux…

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