Allotment Adventures: Friday Fun

The beginning of last week was so hot I was on the plot every day and because I actually had something to do on Saturday, I didn’t go on the weekend.  Ma and I went on Friday afternoon to get some things done.

This was my list.

  • Sorting out the gooseberries – done.

All three have been cut back, it was sad to do but needed. We are going to dig them up in the winter and clear the roots of weeds which will also give us the opportunity of having all three in the same place and giving them a bit more growing room

  • Breaking down and disposing of the grey box – done.

The bits are still on the plot but mostly in the shed so until we get to the dump that’s as done as it’s going to be.

  • Do something about the tomatoes which I can’t give away because Laura and Oli gave them to me and I want Oli to see that we kept them. (Joe doesn’t care, he’ll just eat them). It’s been so hot and they need to be out of their little pots, the sooner I can get this sorted the better! – not done

But I’m halfway there, I have buckets drilled and it’s just a case of getting the compost and dumping them in.

  • If I then have some time, I’ll sow in the greenhouse (more beetroot, chard, spinach, winter leaves, pak choi, cavolo nero) – not done. Not enough time

Ma’s list is:

  • Cut back the grass around the edges of the plot. – done

I did this as the peas and weeding took longer than either of us expected

  • Finish weeding at the top of the plot – done.
  • Pick some peas and courgettes – done

The plot is looking great at the moment, we harvested four courgettes and our first crookneck, spinach, salad and peas!

Because I’m allotmenting solo this week, I just need to keep on top of the watering and the weeds.

No grey boxThe rampant squashand the second squash!

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