Allotment Adventures: The Herb Bed

This year was not a great year for rhubarb or gooseberries. The garlic and onions weren’t brilliant and the blackcurrant and broad beans got blackfly. So it would be easy to be disheartened. I’m not and one of the reasons that I’m not is the herb bed.

It started off like this in May last year.2 rosemary plants, 2 sage plants, a thyme and an oregano plant.

Here it is from a different angle in September. I also had mint in a bucket next to them.About that time, I  moved the lavender to sit next to the sage and rosemary and cleared some more space for the other tank and to sow some other plants. Chives, borage and parsley.Here it is in April, this year. I was impressed that the lavender survived and I gave the sage a haircut.The only seeds that came up were the borage and they seemed very slow. I abandoned the parsley and decided to sow that in one of the little beds, where last year there had been dill (the dill is with the cucumbers this year) and I planted a lemon verbena (which may or may not survive the winter) in the middle of May. The lavender was there to right at the back….As of last Sunday, this is what the herb patch looks like. I’ve moved the chives forward and there’s a butternut squash plant behind the borage. The mint is happy in it’s bucket but I moved it somewhere sunnier..There are bees buzzing around and it just makes me happy to have this little space full of plants that smell lovely…


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