Best/Worse 15 to 21 May 2017

Before I do a best/worst of last week, a plea, if you live in the UK and are eligible to vote and haven’t registered. Today is the last day to do it. Please do it. You can register online. I say it all the time because it’s true. Democracy won’t work if the electorate doesn’t. Please, even if you think politicians are all a bunch of lying liars, vote. People died so you could and it won’t change if you don’t participate.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The film was good but it’s more about finally having got to see it on the third attempt. Also Ma’s comment after seeing it “It was fun but a bit soppy, I like more crash bang”. She is awesome but bloodthirsty….

First crop. I love growing things to eat!

Rain. Oh thank goodness finally. We’ve had rain, lots of lovely rain.


Commuting. I don’t like it but I can normally handle it but my ankle is still really sore (this one is going to run and run) and the commute involves too many people and too much standing and not being able to read. Also on Friday morning, I got trodden on and pushed by a horrible little woman who couldn’t wait for everyone else to get off the train because she was in a hurry. People like this make life worse for everyone. She didn’t get off any faster either.

The bastard foxes. They visited and dug things and killed two tomato plants and a cucumber. Then to add insult to injury pooed on my leeks. I’m not that keen on foxes anyway but they are on the list right now.

The honourable mentions are finishing some work that I didn’t want to do ahead of time, getting out of the house on time every morning, the sunset on Tuesday night, an almost empty laundry basket, pictures of the nephew in his new big boy bed and his first encounter with Ikea meatballs, having a cup of tea in the shed while waiting for the rain to stop.

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