Allotment Adventures: Bank Holiday Fun

I was at the allotment every day over the Bank Holiday Weekend all four days and we still didn’t do everything we planned to.

Here’s what did get done.

Ma and I Heath Robinson-ed a cage for the gooseberries from chicken wire and netting.I dug up the blackcurrant because it was infested with blackfly and covered in ants. We were on the fence about keeping it anyway and I decided that it wasn’t worth it as we weren’t going to get anything from it given it’s state of infestation. So up it came.I drilled holes in the bathtub, moved it and half filled it with compost because I’m rubbish at measuring and didn’t buy enough compost.

And while we’re on how terrible my measuring skills are, I’d moved and re-planted a rubarb to close to the other one last year and the crowns we bought died, So I moved one and bought and planted another, more alive one. I also treated the soil with lots of chicken manure, which should hopefully give them a boost. While I was at the top of the plot I also planted some anemone and fresia bulbs under the plum tree and sowed wildflowers.We also harvested some rhubarb from the one crown that wasn’t moved last year, although I’m a bit worried about it because it’s not looking so heathy, it also got a damned good water and a feed.I sowed more peas and made another wigwam for them to grow up. I am queen of the string at the moment.I thinned radishes and replanted some of the ones I pulled up because I felt bad about them!We weeded, ok, I weeded the herb and onion beds and Ma pretty much did everything else, she is a weed destroying machine! As you can see from the picture of my herb bed, the chives and the parsely either didn’t come up or did and became slug food. For this year, I’m going to buy some chive and parsley plants. The chives will (with any luck die back in autumn and come up again in spring. And I’ll make a better plan for next year! I also bought a lemon verbena plant last week, that I’ll plant out a bit later on which may or may not survive. It’s frost hardy to -5C but will lose all it’s leaves if it goes below 0CI used my rosemary for the Easter lamb which made me really happy! The strawberries and the broad beans are looking heathy.

I didn’t get to sowing any more salad and we didn’t have any drill bits so the shed base wasn’t going together either. Overall, I’m still happy and I have next week off to spend some extra time at the plot.

Indoors, I did all the sowing I planned on, courgettes, winter squash, cherry and amish paste tomatoes and I potted on the tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash, so I’m pretty happy…

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Bank Holiday Fun

  1. a lot of work done, good job

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