Allotment Adventures: Baby I’m Back

After last week’s gloom, I gave myself a good talking to and got back to work.

I tackled that rubbish heap and we dug out all the weedy bits. We’ve covered it and I’m going to plant squash straight through it.And you know how we feel about tidy!

We got the beds prepped adding compost to the raised beds and weeding, adding pelleted manure and covering the beds that had been left over winter. We won’t do that again but as Ma pointed out, everytime we do or don’t do something, we learn. This year we learnt that we need to spend some time in October preparing the beds for spring and I learnt that I prefer to overwinter garlic, onions and broad beans because it’s been good to have them growing through the winter. Although next year, I’m going to have the broad beans under cover.In other news, the borage is finally coming up, we have gooseberries, our first strawberry flower and the potatoes are doing alright!As ever there are things we didn’t get to, but Ma did order the shed, it’s coming on 21 April and I’m very excited.

This is the rough list for next week. The indoors stuff I hope to do in the evenings, but it’s quite a list, and I have next weekend to do it. The weekend after that, it’s shed weekend, it’s weird because it feels like I’ve been waiting forever and we’re so close now. Then’s it’s May and we’ll be really busy!

On the plot

  • Cage for the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes at the bottom of the plot.
  • Sow wildflowers
  • Set up the bathtub for carrots
  • Sow another lot of peas
  • Build shed base
  • Re-sow parsley and chives
  • Sow coriander and dill
  • Sow more salad


  • Sow courgettes, more cucumbers and winter squash
  • Pot on the cherry tomatoes
  • Sow more cherry tomatoes and the amish paste ones.

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