New Year, New Goals – 2017

This post has been sitting half written since before Christmas. The run up to Christmas was trying in a way I didn’t expect, it was fine, I was fine but I was tired and just trying to get to Christmas and a rest. I didn’t write any Christmas cards and did most of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve! I was really not ready for Christmas.

But you know, Christmas happened anyway and it was fine.img_56482017 started as well and I’m not really prepared for that either but here it is.

I hit 2016 feeling that there were things in me that needed to change and 2016 changed them, ok I did some of that work too but 2016 happened and overall it was pretty damn good. I know, the narrative is that it was a terrible year, but I’m going to say it, 2016 was a good year for me. So now we’re in 2017 and the question is what do I do with this new and shiny year?

I’ve been thinking about goals and setting specific goals like I did last year but that didn’t quite fit. I still have most of the same aims, work on paying off my debt, stay employed, keep in control of the house, work on the allotment, be healthy. Life will change in 2017, it always does, but my needs and aims are pretty much the same.

The thing that keeps coming to me is focus…

So that’s the word for 2017.

Focus. I want to focus on the things that are important to me. I’ll set monthly goals as usual but they will be in the same vein as last year.

So ready or not, here it goes!


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