Food and Budget Update: 27/08 to 02/09/2016

Last week did not start off well on the food front, the major lesson I learned this week is not to shop when I’m tired, hungry and I don’t have a list. I was £6.15 over the £15 limit and although it’s not a problem for me over the month because I’ll just spend less in the next couple of weeks, it’s demonstrative of how and why it’s sometimes so difficult to stick to a budget. I know better, I’ve been doing this for 8 months now and sometimes I overspend. There is a lot of stuff in this week’s shop that I could have done without this week but it’ll all get used, but sometimes you want a liver sausage and coleslaw sandwich and the £2 you spend on buying the ingredients are the best £2 you’ll spend.


img_4848This is what happens when I shop when I’m tired and don’t have a list. I spend £14.20 at Lidl and £6.95 at Sainsburys. A total of £21.15.



On Saturday I was underslept and overtired, I’d had eggs and a courgette and onion saute for breakfast/lunch. Then spent the afternoon with two small children, I walked our legs off and then walked up to Hanwell to do my shopping because that was the time that I had to do it.  So by the time I get home I was done, and liver sausage and coleslaw rolls where all I had the energy for.img_4849


I had some melon and a tortilla for breakfast and then went to Kingston to meet Ma and return some sandals that had fallen apart. Ma was staying at mine on Sunday night and we’d picked some salad and some plum tomatoes that were finally ready! So dinner was pasta with fresh tomato sauce with salad and garlic cheese bread.img_4855


In an attempt not to feed Ma cake for breakfast, I made a potato and courgette hash which we ate with a poached egg.img_4861Monday dinner was bacon and courgette saute with salad which I put into a tortilla.img_4867


Back to work. I got a grip on Monday afternoon and did some food prep. This was the food I took to work on Tuesday morning; a small pot of melon, a roasted veg wrap, egg and pickled courgette salad, a piece of blackberry yoghurt cake. As usual this was repeated for the rest of the week.img_4869Tuesday night dinner was salad, with grilled courgette, feta and balsamic seeds.


More salad. This time with eggs and feta. I chopped a courgette sauted it and then added the seeds and the balsamic vinegar! 

On Thursday I left work at 3.30 with the beginnings of a migraine, so no dinner!


Oli and I made pizza, it was a basic cheese and ham but Oli was very proud to have had a hand in it and he ate a lot of it. As he said ‘when it comes to food, I’m not kidding around!’


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