Food and Budget Update: 06/08 to 12/08/2016


I did two little shops and didn’t take a photo of either. I spent £3.01 in Lidl on tea and flour and £7.30 in Waitrose (I went in to buy ice and ended up in the discount section and bought 5 lamb, pea and mint burgers, two packs of mince and some cheese, as well as the ice!)

There was also lots of things from the allotment.img_4660-1

The week kicked off with my birthday lunch. Which I didn’t take a photo of, we had chicken and new potatoes and salad, followed by rhubarb crumble. I didn’t pay for this, it was Ma’s treat, the rhubarb and salad were grown by me!

On Sunday, Ma and I had cold rhubarb crumble and yoghurt for breakfast.and a gin and tonic and chicken and coleslaw roll for lunch (after a hard afternoon at the allotment)On Monday we had steak and frites at home and on Tuesday we went to Kew and had lunch there (a sandwich) and on Tuesday night I had pasta but in full on holiday mode I did not take a picture of what I ate on either day!

Wednesday night, Christelle and Mike took me out for dinner for my birthday. We started with drinks at Dandylyan.and had dinner at Sea Containers.img_4724We were on the allotment on Thursday and I think that dinner was lamb, pea and mint burgers. I do remember it was a freezer meal so that seems right!

On Friday we had manhattans and courgette pizza.


This was a week of lots of food, the fridge has been packed but because I was on holiday and out of routine, my eating hasn’t been that regular. I’ve eaten twice a day, probably not as healthily as I would usually and by the end of my week off, I was feeling the lack of vegetables and water in my diet. It’s nice to eat like this occasionally but the rest of August needs to have significantly more vegetables and less alcohol!


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