Food and Budget Update: 25/06 to 01/07/2016

SHOPPING img_4434The shopping came to £5.35 and I had supplemental things from the allotmentimg_4436img_4443


Weekend breakfasts were a carrot cake muffin with raspberries.img_4446Saturday lunch was a chuck it all in rice thing because I was trying to use things upimg_4451Saturday night dinner consisted of the braised lentils with additional vegetables and cheese. The green things are thinned basil seedlings!img_4453For Sunday lunch I made a sausage tart, loosely based off this recipe, with sage from the plot, we ate it with new potatoes, so a tick for carbs and protein but a black mark for complete lack of veg, I should have sauted the courgette! The leftover tart was lunch this week, with a chopped salad and rhubarb compote for pudding.img_4459Weekday breakfasts were apricot breakfast crisp and yogurt.img_4458Monday night dinner was the leftover potatoes with peppers, mushroom and onionimg_4460

I didn’t eat dinner on Tuesday but on Wednesday  I had the last of Saturday’s lentils with an egg.img_4467Thursday was another missed dinner

Friday was pizza and salad. As a general rule Ma isn’t that keen on salad leaves. Apparently if they come from the allotment she likes them.


Some weeks I spend all of the £15 budget and feel that there is no food in the house, this week though, it felt like there was so much food. This is what my fridge looked like on Sunday evening.img_4457A lot of that was food for lunches and breakfast but seriously, the fridge was packed. I seemed to have a lot of food left over from last week and using that up was key, then things that I hadn’t planned for like the sausage tart (a last minute, what do I have that will make a nice lunch for Ma?) ended up supplying lunch for the 4 days I needed it.

Best thing I ate this week, salad that I grew! Sometimes simple things are best!



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