Friday Links

Happy Friday! My Friday plans have been slightly derailed by a poorly foot (I really should look into learning to walk on my hands!) but I am on holiday and tomorrow we head north. Here are this week’s links, not many this week ’cause I’ve been busy…

Obama on what fundraising does to politicians

I’m not a monarchist and Joan Smith makes some good points but I can’t help but feel they are overshadowed by her dislike of Prince Charles! Although as my Ma (who is a  couple of weeks younger than Charles) as often pointed out that the Queen has the power to change stuff but doesn’t.  The Queen and a reign of abject failure.

Stella Creasey writing about the sale by a charity of Butterfields Estate. I find this shocking and those involved should be ashamed of themselves but probably aren’t…

How Boots went rogue. This is important.

The people I know who are pro Hilary Clinton (I know a surprising amount of Americans!) have told me that one of the reasons that they don’t like Sanders is that he doesn’t support Democrats. John Fetterman’s Senate campaign is still waiting for Bernie Sanders.


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