Life Happened: Organisation

After last’s week’s mouse apocalypse, I wanted this week to be easy. It was my busy week at work and the last one on reduced hours.

Last week I wanted to:

  • Have my lunch made the day before
  • Get to bed and lights out at 10pm
  • Get out of bed by 7pm each morning
  • Ensure that the kitchen was spotless to deter the mice
  • Increase my water intake – I haven’t been drinking enough and it’s showing on how sluggish I feel and on my which looks dehydrated and tired.

With the exception of the kitchen, this was all geared towards ensuring that regular hours wouldn’t be such a huge shock this week.I did pretty well, Sunday food prep and a robust meal plan helped me with the lunch goal, it was easy to keep the kitchen very clean, partly because paranoia reigns and it was so tidy to start with. I’ve gone back to having a shower before bedtime which means that mornings are easier and I made sure I drunk a pint of water as soon as I woke up which seemed to help kickstart the water drinking.

I made a dent in my January books to read pile. I know, I’m basically helpless in the library, it’s like they’re calling my name…DSCF5159I found myself doing things that I would ordinarily put off like the ironing straight away and so I felt more in control of life, which is good because by the end of the week, I was tired and headachey.

That pretty much continued through the weekend, I’m sorted for the coming week but that’s about all I did at the weekend. Hopefully I’ll perk up for the coming week….

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