Christmas Radio

Christmas is going to be a low key affair this year, Ma is coming to me and we will conduct all of our usual traditions. We’ll decorate the tree (assuming I get one) tomorrow night, we’ll watch The Philadelphia Story, at some point I will watch Doctor Who on the iPlayer and Ma will get cross because it doesn’t make any sense. Mostly we’ll listen to the radio, mostly Radio 4 but here’s a brief round up of the stuff I’m looking forward to…

Stars of Wonder – because I don’t know a child in England who hasn’t been in a nativity play or Christmas concert and I think it might be interesting. (for the record, I’ve been the Angel Gabriel – nursery, one of the Three Kings, a street urchin and a narrator for the history of the school mostly because I was loud and everyone could hear me!)

The Educators – This is not at all Christmassy but it is interesting and it’s nice to be indoors to hear it.

A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols – this is when my Christmas actually starts.

Let’s Go Round Again – The Story of the Magic Roundabout – Because I am a product of my era and the Magic Roundabout was a part of that!

Soul Music – The Fairy Tale of New York – Soul Music does Christmas…

Saturday mornings are for 6 Music and Boxing Day will be no different. The Huey Show.

A Meaty Problem – Henry Dimbleby unravels the deep-seated attachment of the British to eating meat.

The Sound of Motown – This is about the Ready, Steady, Go aired in 1965, hosted by Dusty Springfield, it was dedicated to Motown and the line up, excepting Dusty, was all black. Which was quite a feat for then, could be interesting…

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