Nephew No 2

Nearly 2 months after Joe made his arrival, here are some photos of him. DSCF4914  NewbornDSCF4906All of them DSCF4909Being held very carefully by his big brother.

Joe at a day old was more cooked than Oli, Joe was a bit late, Oli 2 weeks early, the major difference being that Joe’s neck was stronger and he had (for a little bit at least) his eyes open!

The next time I saw him was for Ben’s birthday, just over a month later, he’d gone from 7 to 11lbs and he’s a chilled out little baby, smiled and was quite happy to be passed backwards and forwards.DSCF4958 DSCF4953 Just asleep with Aunty Nic (he was ready for a nap but it’s good to know that I still have the knack and to note that he sleeps with one arm up like Oli did!)DSCF4946 DSCF4959With Grandma!

One of the problems for second babies is that they are always compared to their bigger siblings, it’s easy to say that Joe is a more chilled baby than Oli but actually I think that it’s that everyone is more chilled with Joe, than we were with Oli! Either way he’s a dote and I’m looking forward to December when I get to spend time with both of my nephews!


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