Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy work week (do I say that every week?) and I had to take an afternoon to go and see this little boy..IMG_3373-0

Yep, the newest Dempsey made his entrance on Tuesday. He’s gorgeous and cuddly and looks so much like his big brother. Also babies do have a habit of putting a stressful work week in perspective especially as aunts as a general rule don’t suffer from child induced lack of sleep!

Anyway, there will be a lot more gushing about my lovely nephews later, here are this week’s links.

Why you should start work later if you’re under 50. I knew it!

The Walkie Talkie is a sty in London’s eye – and proves we can’t say no to money. London only works with balance and it’s not balanced anymore….

The NFL and concussion. This is the GQ article that inspired the forthcoming Will Smith film. The article was fascinating, I wonder how the Premier League and FIFA would react to something similiar…

David Cameron should suspend NI devolution. Well it’s a thought. It the DUP honestly felt Stormont was done, they wouldn’t have left one minister there with the power of veto over appointments to government. It’s time that the whole lot of them (on both sides) got over themselves and started to actually work it out but it’s more than time that the Unionists grew up.

Let Elizabeth reign and then let’s get rid of the monarchy. Yep. It’s not that I hate her or anyone else in her family, I just don’t think that monarchy is good for the country and although I think that this Queen keeps to the bounds of her role, I don’t think that Charles would and I don’t think that we should pay for them.

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