Friday Links

Well, it’s been a week. Here are your Friday Links…

Martini. Like there are ever enough links about martinis! Also has Ian Goodman, who made Ma brandied cherries when she retired…

Ian Goodman, head barman at the Oxo tower in London, has a special cocktail list that takes you through the evolution of the Martini, starting with the Martinez from 1887. It’s a journey into dryness. Like DeVoto, Goodman is a Martini obsessive. Apparently, the key is to make sure that everything – the gin, the vermouth, the glasses and the shaker – is as cold as possible.

Building in London and breaking affordable housing guidelines and promises.

The end of the sausage? Noooo…

Lindy West on being a happy and fat bride. Good on her. Also I think I’d like drunk Lindy a lot…

“One time when you were drunk you told me, ‘If you ever propose to me, don’t do it in the bullshit way that dudes usually treat fat girls. Like it’s a secret, or you’re just trying to keep me from leaving you. Thin girls get public proposals, like those dudes are winning a fucking prize. Fat chicks deserve that, too.’” I probably would have finessed it a bit if I’d been sober…

Mark Steel on the Labour leadership campaign.

All three are now squabbling, not about ideas or policies or even their favourite type of biscuit, but over which one has the best chance to beat Corbyn. And they must beat him, because by being capable of expressing his ideas clearly and simply, for example by voting against welfare cuts, he makes himself unelectable.

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