Friday Links

It’s been a week….

Whatever happened to sharing? Robin Lustig on what’s wrong with the budget.

If you are single and whine about it online, prepare to stay that way.

Have you ever seen someone ranting and raving about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend and said: “I’m so turned on by this display of bitterness” Or: “Oh, baby. Your lack of self-awareness touches my soul. Let me take you out to dinner and find out exactly why no one wants you.”

If you answered yes, you just told me a lie. Stop it. Stop it right now.

The answer is no with a hell in front of it because it’s not hot to have a personality that mirrors that taste of grapefruit.

My issues with being single are not the being alone as much as the way I am treated as less because I’m single. One is a whole number.

Giles Fraser on the proposed changes to Sunday trading.

The Spinster Agenda

Q: What are some of the goals of the Spinster Agenda?

A: Increasing the prominence of women in the government, a greater reliance on bike-share programs, the elimination of lonely cats, better television adaptations of the Brontë sisters’ work, further research into cloning Benedict Cumberbatch, the immediate green-lighting of an Emma Thompson and Colin Firth movie with lots of clothed sex that’s set in the eighteen hundreds, Glynis Johns in her “Mary Poppins” costume on the hundred-dollar bill, world peace.

Abortion: The harsh truth about how women feel after. In that 95% of them don’t regret it, news flash, woman are very capable of deciding what they want and understanding the implications.

It was really upsetting but the first feeling I had was just sheer relief I wasn’t going to be a mother. I kept saying to myself, 50 years ago I wouldn’t have had this choice. I didn’t regret it at all.

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