Friday Links

Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone has had a busy productive week and is ready for a nice relaxing weekend.

Here are this week’s links…

Well this is horrific. X-ray scan at Spanish border reveals child in suitcase.

 The problem is Labour’s missing soul.

What counts now as far left, many bridges too far for the Labour party – that housing is a human right, that tertiary education is an investment in the future that we all should share, that wages must be liveable or they don’t count as wages – would, within the past decade, have been known as common sense. To chase the centre is to chase the ever-shifting territory of your opponent’s demarcation

 Charlotte Church on being a prosecco socialist.

My friend Jenny, on her cancer diagnosis.

I’ve set myself lots of physical challenges over the last few years – triathlons, marathons, coast-to-coast cycle rides, the Dunwich Dynamo – and my body has carried me through them all. I have loved going beyond what I thought I could do, and discovering what I am physically and mentally capable of. This is a new physical challenge and not one I would ever have chosen. And it’s not going to be some great fitness adventure – it’s going to be shit. But I hope my body, mind and spirit will serve me well and carry me through.


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