Life Happened – Migraines and Rainy Sundays

Last week was actually a quiet week personally but a busy week at work.

I had a migraine on Tuesday, which was not fun. I’m doing all the stuff the doctor says to try and some months it feels like it’s working and others it doesn’t. It does really limit the things I can do in the week, if you can’t stay up later than about 9pm, life becomes pretty limited, I was supposed to have dinner at Kathy and Adam’s this week but had to flake out due to migraines.

The rest of the week was pretty sedate, I worked, came home and went to bed early.

Friday came round and I overslept. I’m blaming the yoga on Thursday night, I don’t oversleep often but the last time in June last year, was when I started the yoga in the evenings, so I’m blaming it again.

Once I actually got into the office, I realised that I forgot to take the pizza dough out of the freezer, why do you always remember those things when it’s too late to do anything about them!

My plan for the weekend, was about home and getting things done. On Friday night I went home, ate salad and went to bed, such is my rocknroll lifestyle.

I had a really productive Saturday morning. There was cleaning and ironing and sewing. Ma came round on Saturday night for dinner and stayed the night so we had a nice breakfast on Sunday.

Our clocks went forward on Saturday so we felt short on sleep on Sunday and a nice breakfast was called for.

After breakfast we went out to do some shopping and got caught in the rain, which was a recurred theme of my Sunday

After Ma went home, I potted the lemon geranium cuttings. 

And had opinions about vodka martinis…

On Sunday I finally got to see Kathy and Adam and the small people. I got caught in the rain on the way over. The rain was really epic and as soon as I got to K&A’s, my coat had to go in the dryer. 2 hours later, the children were telling me that I was all wet!

There was Lego and other games with the children, who still think I’m awesome. Man, I like those kids (I would like them anyway, ’cause they’re great but it’s nice that we’re all excited to see each other!)Kathy cooked dinner. Dinners that you don’t have to cook are the best dinners! Chilli and cornbread is such good comfort food too. It was so nice to go home on Sunday evening and know that I could go straight to bed!

This week is a four day week because of Easter, I have no plans for anything besides work and body balance until Friday, when I’m having a lie-in!



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