Friday Links

Happy Friday!

I am so over this week and ready to start my Christmas break so this is the last Friday Links post for year.

1. That’s another huge piece of the London I grew up in gone to property developers.

2. How about we agree on taking Christ out of Christmas. Worth thinking about.

3. It’s right to ban the train fare-dodger from the finance industry for life

4. Mother calls C-SPAN to yell at arguing sons. This is just awesome.

5. Last week, I was lamenting the US fascination for the Royal Family, and Ma replied that Americans love a dynasty. Here is Hadley Freeman making the same point. Although she’s wrong about the Stuarts 1707 to 1714? James I came to the English throne in 1603 and Queen Anne died in 1714 and The Stuarts/Stewarts were in Scotland from 1371. Ok, there was a gap for the Interregnum and Civil War but the point remains.

6. Passions run high at parish council meeting about allotments. Oh England…

7. Tom Hiddleston singing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ and a puppy. You’re welcome.




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