Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week felt busier than it should have been but hurrah, I’m at the end of it and I get Saturday to lie in and then sort my living space out because on Sunday I’m at Oli’s birthday party and Monday Ma finally moves, so I’ll be taking furniture apart and putting it back together!

This week’s links….

1. This makes me sad. Plymouth Gin to ditch it’s geographical indication

2. Lauren Lavern on being a ‘digital immigrant’

3. This is worth watching. Britain isn’t Eating.

4. Toddlers and touch screens.

5. File this under things you didn’t know and maybe didn’t need to. Why no one can design a better speculum.

6. You’re not Type A, you’re just rude

7. It’s a bit snowy in the US right now!

8. Whole Foods in Detroit.

9. I knew that the US taxed all of it’s citizens regardless of where they lived (it’s like my mother taught me, with privilege comes responsibility) but I didn’t know that Boris Johnson held and US passport although  I am entirely unsurprised to find that he’s a tax dodger!


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