Food This Week – 15 to 21 November 2014

I ended up spending £57 last week, but I did buy 12 bottles of wine so I’m feeling good about that! I have wine for Christmas! I didn’t eat as much as I’d planned because I ended up at Jo’s for dinner on Tuesday. This week’s plan is based on a busy weekend and being fairly anti social for the rest of the week because it’s another busy weekend!


Breakfast – No plan

Lunch – No plan

Dinner – No plan

I’m still at Ma’s on Saturday although plan to be home on Saturday night depending on how the painting goes. I’ll probably pick something up on the way home or eat toast!


Breakfast – Waffles

Lunch – no plan

Dinner – Pork and spaghetti (Tina used to cook this and it’s good and I just fancied it!)



Breakfast – Yoghurt, oats and apple honey – this is the ugliest breakfast but it’s really good for keeping the snacking at bay!

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Taco chilli



Breakfast – Yoghurt, oats and apple honey

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Chickpea cakes. I’ve been reading some recipes, I’m going to have a play!


Breakfast – Yoghurt, oats and apple honey

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Halloumi and lentils. I didn’t eat this last week and the halloumi is still good!



Breakfast – Yoghurt, oats and apple honey

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – No plan


Breakfast – Pain au Raisin

Lunch – Leftovers

Dinner – Friday Night Pizza



  • Yoghurt
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Fruit

Shopping list.

I haven’t done one yet so no list this week!



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