Friday Links

Happy Friday! Has it felt like I’ve been missing in action this week? That would be because I have. Work was supposed to be easier this week, however, the sick has descented on my team this week (no, not me, I’m the one in the corner looking martyred) so I’ve been trying to make it all work and that means that I just don’t have any brain space left that isn’t for sleeping or reading fluffy books. As I get older, I realise that my coping method is
retreat into sleep or books. It could be worse, it could be gin!

Here are this weeks links…

1) Roz Chast on my working style. Ok, so exactly mine but it could be. (Link via DALS)

2) The NHS is a marvellous thing. Why yes it is, which of course is why the govt is selling it down the river.

3) Giles Fraser talking sense again. The only way to stop this is for both sides to sit down and talk. Northern Ireland isn’t perfect but it’s a lot better than it used to be, because both sides sat down and compromised. This is how you build peace.

4) Cocktails and science.

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