Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I’m so glad to get the end of another week, while I don’t like that the year seems to be flying by and technically after last weekend we’re moving into winter, I’m always pleased when I get to the end of a difficult work week. I have grand plans this weekend. I want to clear the front garden, (it’s not my job, the people downstairs should do it but I can’t stand how it looks at the moment!), go for a run, do some crafty things and the usual weekend tasks. On Sunday, Ma is coming over, with a car, to take the garden rubbish to the dump and then it’s all lunch and relaxation until Monday.

Meanwhile here is some stuff to read!

1) It’s a Labour party crisis, not an Ed Milliband one. I should be a natural Labour party supporter (and in fact used to be) but I’m not. Losing the support of me and people like me, should worry the Labour party but it doesn’t seem too.

2) The Fiver on Luis Suarez.

3) Saturday jobs in retail. I managed one day in a clothes shop, really not me. After that I stuck to working the library (if I was independently wealthy, this would be my job of choice!), babysitting and once I’d turned 18 a Saturday job in a bookies, this was before the smoking ban and the relaxation of the laws on betting, by the end of the day, I smelt like an ashtray and if I ever develop lung cancel that job will be why, still the money was good!

4) Put water on the table at dinner times. I know that I’m old and was brought up in a different time, but when did this change? We drank loads of water when we were kids, adults seemed always to be saying “plenty of water in the tap” throughout my childhood. It’s funny how all the stuff they say you should do about feeding children, my mum just did, Ben and I spent most of the 80’s feeling seriously sugar deprived!

5) Miss Piggy was meant to be delicate and lovely. You mean she isn’t?

6) 30 things only anti-social people understand. Before it was the Irish goodbye, it was known, by my friends, as the ‘Dempsey disappearing act’, and yes there was that time I left the post exam sleepover celebration at 3am in my Grandad’s pyjamas..

7) Ann Coulter explains why so many people from the rest of the world hate Americans. All she really proves is that she’s an idiot that really, really doesn’t understand football and chooses call it un-American to cover up her ignorance. Also the French Revolution she mentions (and is generally scornful about) caused because of the money the French spent on supporting this guy…what was his name?….Oh, that’s right, George Washington. There’s a key from the Bastille hanging in the hall at Mount Vernon. Those that don’t understand their own history and pontificate on the history of other nations, without actually understanding any of it…what’s that word..idiot..

8) The US Supreme Court judgement on this will not ever trouble me. I had an abortion in the UK, I decided to go to the place I could have it soonest which was Essex on a Tuesday, what I didn’t know is that the anti abortion protesters only protested at this clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We were mobbed. People shouted at me. A woman told me I was killing my baby. It was horrible. None of those people knew me or took the time to try and know me. They just called me a murderer. Most of them claimed to be Christian. I live in Ealing, there’s a clinic pretty much at the end of my road, I try not to walk past it on Saturdays or during Lent because it makes me so bloody angry! This is part of why.

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