Sometimes life gives you a smack around the head!

To say I woke up on the wrong side of bed yesterday morning would be the understatement of the year.

I woke up hot, sore, headachey and extremely grumpy and I knew it. I’ve been spending some time this week thinking about how I recognise a lack of balance in my life because my reactions to situations become completely out of proportion to the size of the problem.

I did things that might help, I did morning yoga, I decided to have a ‘treat’ lunch and buy something instead of packed lunch, I made pizza dough for FNP. None of it worked, I was still a miserable & grumpy. More so when I got halfway down my street and realised that I was still wearing my slippers! It was that kind of a day.

A conversation with my mother and the Friday morning coffee from Papillon helped a bit, but having to let a train go because I couldn’t get on it and two people pushing and shoving me on the platform didn’t really help my mood. Brows were lowered, I just knew it was going to be a crappy day.


I got on the next train, no seats, and the Tube was built before air con, it’s pretty much the 7th circle of hell, but hotter. There were 4 tourists on the train trying to work out when their stop was and starting to get up. They were about 15 minutes away from their stop, so I told them to hang on for a bit ’cause they had some time. They told me how impressed they were with the Tube (the Piccadilly Line too!) because it was so clean and bright and how polite everyone was each other, even though it was really busy. Apparently, compared to their trains (they were from Chicago) ours were really good.



They talked about what they were doing here and what they wanted to see. It sort of hit me then that the last time I really appreciated the Tube was when I was in DC using the Metro and despite the heat and my grumpiness and the fact that Londoners voted Boris Johnson in as mayor twice, I love where I live.


Sometimes, you need to look at a problem from another direction and today 4 tourists reminded me that I have a lot more to be happy than grumpy about.

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