Friday Night Cocktail

When we were in Brighton a couple of Fridays ago, it was hot and went we stopped for lunch at Lucky Beach (which is worth a visit, best fish and chips I’ve had in ages). Christelle and Natalie ordered a carafe of Elderflower and Apple fizz. It was one of the non alcoholic options because Christelle was driving and Natalie is a lightweight, I had an aperol spritz and then stole some of their fizz. It was refreshing and lovely.


The menu said that the drink had elderflower cordial, apple juice and fizzy water, there was mint, cucumber and lime in the carafe as well so it was fairly simple to replicate.

It’s lovely on it’s own and although I haven’t done it, if you wanted to I’m sure that it would suit the addition of gin or vodka or maybe even white rum. Or you could try replacing the elderflower cordial with St Germain. It’s a drink you can play with.



1 lime, quartered


a chunk of cucumber

50ml elderflower cordial

150ml apple juice

fizzy water


a jug or carafe, to give you an idea, mine holds a litre.


Squeeze the lime quarters into the carafe and drop the limes in. Thinly slice the cucumber (I use a vegetable peeler) and add to the carafe.


Add the apple juice, cordial and mint leaves and give everything a bit of a stir.

Add as much ice as you can to the carafe, top up with fizzy water, and give it all another stir.



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