Sunday Music

Yesterday, there was football, QPR beat Derby 1-0 (in the 89th minute & down to 10 men) and won their playoff and have been promoted to the Premier League. The Champions League final happened and Real spanked Atletico 4-1.  I was hoping for QPR and Atletico wins. 50% is better than nothing. I do like to see QPR do well, Ma and Ben are QPR fans, my Dad was too and I spent a lot of my childhood at Loftus Road. Having said that, I am a Chelsea fan (much to Ma and Ben’s disgust) and Chelsea are my team because, like me, they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They seem to do that a lot around the R’s and I’ve seen QPR annihilate us when we should have won, so there are now going to be at least two days a year when I’m just not going to speak to my brother. Having said that B was at the match today and I’m glad the R’s won. So here’s what they were singing at some point today 

But today’s music is The Replacements – Alex Chilton, just because I can

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